Night Club Party 2012 (Flyer Template 4x6)

Video Sample Flyer 9

This is the Night Club Party Flyer Template!! easy to use and customize, hundred of possibilities, the limit is your imagination!!

NOTE : The above photos are NOT included in the download. They are for demonstration purposes only, I have setup a placeholder image for you to replace. Everything in the PSD file is well grouped and organized. There are many layers to move around/change blend mode etc. to create unique looks.

flyer (4.25” x 6.25”) • CMYK • 300DPI (.25” bleeds) final size (4”x 6”)

Download the fonts used here: Hero Light :



The standard font “Myriad Pro” is also used in the design.

I hope you like the design, You can see more of my work below Thanks!!

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