O. Glow Pro™ Action

This is unique solution simulating lens glow effect from neon light source. Use this effect to light on Big Logo Shapes Logos, Slogan Text or any abstract shapes or icons for extremely realistic “sweet” looking. Object cotours used. Control brightness: Included manual curve adjustment for light fade off intensity.

See in action: http://youtu.be/SUHoGuSLghQ

Why this item? It is not a secret that default Photoshop outer glow effect has visual trouble with big shapes contours following. It makes designers to spend much time to use tricks and much skill to get HD results. This tool will help you. This authorized engine of next generation PS effect allows you to build clean outer glow with perfect contours following with up to about 250 px glow haze width. This engine is intellectual property and it was designed as prototype for software developers for perspective 2d effects software like Photoshop and illustrator and etc. But You can use this automatic effect just right now. Impress your clients and make your collegues envy without waiting grace from software developers.

Latest Update: 29.03.13


Perfect shape follow used authorized glow building engine. Realistic fade off color information inside and outside source shape – Pro photo quality. Lowest noise level and extremely fast results unlike all other solutions like as renderings & 3d renderings. You think Seems glow Just like in a dream. Absolutely. New Updated version from 29 03 2013 has improved colorize actions. Simple & realistic visual clearly brightness and color adjustment control.

Files Included

  • *.PSD with sample
  • Action to make adjustments and single layer isolated result for glow of your object (not flattern with object)
  • Action to colorize glow with Hue colorize and with 8 unique vivid light colors
  • instruction
  • Content modeled from professional photography samples.

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