People and Cultures Version 1.1

Updated – Now this set has been updated with expressions and body poses for the characters!

Use this set of 20 characters belonging to 10 different cultures.

Includes Native American, Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Indian, Roman, British, Arab and African characters.

Use Cases:

  • Mascots for tourism/travel promotion or other related businesses
  • Avatars
  • Games
  • Educational Books & Apps

- Set these as your avatars on social networking websites.

- Use them as mascots to promote tourism or other related businesses.

- Use them in your games for splash screen art or even as in game characters.

- Spread knowledge about cultures and people through educational books and apps.

The characters are designed mostly out of simple shapes and hence editing is easy. Colours are easy to edit as well for most parts.

Complete vector artwork is provided with no images or raster data. Layers are well named and grouped separately for ease of understanding.

*Want to purchase the characters for any one of these cultures and not this whole set? You can do so by visiting this link – My Portfolio Page

  • Please notify me if you like this set and I can create a version 2.0 with many more cultures and people.

If you like this item, I would really appreciate a good rating. Have fun using this set!