Plastic Styles - Text Effects Styles

Search no further this is The Ultimate Plastic Styles. Dress your text into these high quality styles; they will give rich and realistic look to your design. Item includes 32 different styles and 8 different actions that will transform any style into beautiful 3D effect.

Styles: 12 different colors of Plastic Styles, 4 different colors of Wood Styles, 1 Grass Style, 3 different Metal Styles, 1 Leopard Style, 1 Wet Style, 1 Dotted Chrome Style and 8 different Metallic Plastic Styles.

Actins: 8 different 3D Actions included for 8 different directions.

PSD file is set-up for easy start, with all layers preset, named and organized.

Files Included

  • 1 PSD file
  • 1 ASL file with 32 different styles
  • 1 ATN file with 8 different actions
  • Help PDF file

Font Included

More Styles and Text Effects

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