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vewiser Purchased

This is worth its money. Really well done! Easy to use. Worked right out of the box. Open, Run, Paint! :):):)

spawnus Purchased

This action pack is really good! Simply, fast and you can correct yourself any layer.

Nice kit 5*

navjot Purchased

problem with magic brush…...do not work properly, while “the object’layer “fine detail”is not currently available….plz help .


you have to play “soft skin” action first, Magic brush action copy the “fine detail” layer

Your tutorial is not suitable for CS4. would you have a video more explicativite. It should be better than a drawing rather than words

This is awesome…cuts down retouching time a ton.

Great job on this!!

the command is currently not available… the command is currently not available… keep getting this error for every function on the panel…

using mac OS X Lion, photoshop cs5.5 16 GB of RAM

methodz Purchased

Bro! This thing is freaking amazing. It makes me feel like a professional retoucher. I’m using it on CS5.5 works like a charm!!! Best $4 I ever spent!

norlman Purchased

Hi Can this be use in Photoshop Cc?


I have not tested it in cc, but i dont see reason why not. Cc has all cs6 functions so it should work.

Hi, I was sent a email but no response yet. Please let me know why don’t work all actions of this pack in my application Ps-CS3, Thanks.


play “soft skin” first, then “magic brush”

Will this work in CS6?

rfemon Purchased

Just buy! its really awesome. Thank you!

fjaffer Purchased


I bought this action and it was working amazing. Now when I use it it doesn’t seem to work. Sometimes it says layers are missing or it runs through the actions and then nothing.

Please help.

Regards Fayros