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File Description

A professional looking Twitter background, featuring seperate ‘tabs’ which hold an assortment of details, to match your company or individual needs. It is a very large design, and should therefore not have any issues with cutting off on larger monitor resolutions.

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File Updates

Comment – May 27, 2010
WOW ! This has just reached 50 sales! I will be making a new, longer/larger preview image for this file, as requested, so hopefully it will be a bit clearer for everyone!
Comment – June 4th, 2010
The new image display has been uploaded & accepted, so I hope this gives a better indication of this file!

What you will get

  • A fully editable and clearly labeled .psd file
  • A large, blank .jpg version for those without photoshop
  • A .txt file with details to help you out

Things to note

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