Pyramid Backgrounds Complete Collection

This set of premium, high-resolution backgrounds contains all Pyramid Pattern Volumes. Each background includes 5 color variations. These Pyramid backgrounds were generated using the included Pyramid Backgrounds Generator PhotoShop Action. You can use this action to generate your own backgrounds for sale on GraphicRiver or elsewhere. These backgrounds are perfect for any type of Print or Web project.

Included in this Collection:

  • 3 Complete Background Volumes
  • Pyramid Background Generator PhotoShop Actions
  • 36 RGB 72DPI JPEG Web Backgrounds
  • 36 CMYK 300DPI LZW TIFF Print Backgrounds
  • 6000×4000 Pixels
  • 20” x 13.3” Inches
  • 5 Color Variations Each
  • 180 Total Backgrounds
  • Support and Licensing Documentation
  • Excellent Author Rating & Support

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