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3 steps to generate QR Code

Surveys show that number of scaned codes is increasing significantly every year due to increasing number of smartphones and tablet users. Today QR Codes can be used in Google’s Android, BlackBerry OS and Apple iOS devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad), as well as Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, Google Goggles, 3rd party barcode scanners, and the Nintendo 3DS. The browser supports URL redirection, which allows QR codes to send metadata to existing applications on the device. mbarcode is a QR code reader for the Maemo operating system. In Apple’s iOS, a QR code reader is not natively included, but more than fifty paid and free apps are available with both the ability to scan the codes and hard-link to an external URL. Google Goggles is an example of one of many applications that can scan and hard-link URLs for iOS and Android. BlackBerry 10 devices have a native QR reader as well as several third party readers. Windows Phone 7.5 is able to scan QR codes through the Bing search app.


  • Simple to use
  • 10 QR code versions
  • 4 error correction levels
  • Symbol based
  • Well-documented

What’s included?

  • QRCodeEncoder.jsx file
  • InstantQRCode.jsx file
  • Documentation folder


This script allows you to customize QR Code matrix size and QR Code error correction level. Raising this level improves error correction capability, but also increases the size of QR Code. You can leave both fields blank. The default value of matrix size is 21×21, but it can be increased if encoded text is too large. The default ECC level is 4 which means that 30% of codewords can be restored (codeword is a unit that constructs the data area. One codeword of QR Code is equal to 8 bits).

As its final result the script returns Symbol based QR Code. It means that you can change each unit simply by changing one symbol. And thanks to ECC Feature 30% of the QR Code space can be occupied by your logo or picture.

Watch screencast: How QRCodeEncoder.jsx works?


If you just want to quickly generate QR Code without entering various inputs described above — simply run the script below and your QR Code will be copied to the clipboard.

Watch screencast: How QRCodeEncoder.jsx works?

Supported content types

  • URL, E-mail, SMS, MMS
  • Contact Info (VCARD, MECARD, BIZCARD)
  • Geolocation Info
  • Android Market
  • Wi-Fi Network Config

and more…


Version 1.1 (Updated 2013-10-20)

    Added "InstantQRCode" extended script
    Added some improvements to "QRCodeEncoder" extended script

The word ‘QR Code’ is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED

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