Realism Falls To Retina - Retina Audio Ui

Realism Falls To Retina Audio Ui Kit

This UI kit includes approximately all the elements that you need to build a audio application software for ios. Realistic design with highly detailed layer styles and unique color combinations but crafted on fine vector shapes for 100% resizing


  • Realistic design
  • 72 ppi retina version included
  • 100% resizable vectors
  • All the required elements
  • Highly organized and layered psd
  • Detailed design

Make your next ios application a fascinating illustration with this ultimate ui components pack


  • Player and standard buttons
  • Sliders
  • Volume knobs
  • LED display
  • Tuner display
  • Switch
  • UV Meter

Files included

  • 72 ppi standard version
  • 72 ppi @2x version
  • 326 ppi retina version
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