Retina Background Pack [Updated]

Retina Background Pack

Retina Background Pack contains 33 44 retina ready backgrounds in total, including bonus background. All backgrounds are optimized for Retina Displays and will fit perfectly as background for your retina ready smartphone, surf pad and/or retina laptop.

Backgrounds for Retina Laptop is in both .JPG & .PNG format for optimal resolution with 220PPI. Backgrounds for surf pad is available only as 264PPI .JPG images. Backgrounds for smartphone is 326PPI and available only as .JPG images.

These backgrounds will make your Retina Phone, Pad or Laptop, Pop! Guaranteed!

Update: Added 10+1 | 640×1136px 326PPI Phone 5 backgrounds!

What’s included:

  • 10 Different Retina Backgrounds
  • Amazing Colors
  • 1 Bonus Retina Background
  • 3 Resolutions (326 / 264 & 220 PPI)
  • 44 Backgrounds in total

Note: Screenshots only display backgrounds for Retina Laptop in a reduced size and resolution for best viewing experience

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