Rivet, Bolt, Stitch Creator for Metal and Leather

Rivet, Bolt, Stitch Creator for Metal and Leather - Text Effects Actions


12 different actions to generate rivets, bolts, stitch, scallop for text or shapes. Different methods of riveting, shape variants, style effects and colors. Everything works with 1 click and the actual result comes on 1 separate layer. Those Still customizable and adjustable and combinable.
Actions are easily applicable on the actual selected layer (shape ,text or pixel) This will create a new layer and place the rivets or the stitches on a new layer above or underneath.
  • 3 Rough Cutting Actions which creates a scallop (cutting)
  • 3 methods for Stitch, sewing
  • 3 Stitch styles
  • 3 metallic rivet styles (for metals and leathers)
  • 5 methods for riveting and bolts
  • 7 metal plate styles
  • 7 Brushes
  • 9 Leather styles (also possible to customize the colors)
  • Lether 3D edge effect for the more realistic look for leather styles.
  • Extended Mode if you working longer text

Optimized for 300dpi, High Resolution
Working .psd file with Guidlines is 1500×1500 or 3000×1500 pixel

Thank you for purchasing this item! Enjoy!
If you have a nice artwork, please send me in a mail,
and if you like i will upload into the preview set with your name.

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