Royce - GUi - Graphical User Interface

Royce - GUi - Graphical User Interface - User Interfaces Web Elements

Royce GUi

Royce is a pixel perfect graphical user interface that is crafted from vector shapes, layer styles and hi-res textures. Great care has been taken in the design and construction of this GUi to ensure the highest quality whilst maintaining full edit-ability. The Royce GUi Set includes:
  • x3 GUi sizes (total of 3 PSD )
  • 100+ Hi-Res Elements
  • Everything Sized for iPhone 4 retina screen (326ppi)
  • Everything Sized for iPad screen (132ppi)
  • Everything Sized for web / iPhone 3G (72ppi)
  • Create your own color schemes
  • Fully layered
  • Fully Organized & Named
  • Compatible with Photoshop CS3 , CS4 & CS5

The overall honest design of Royce makes applications easier to understand and use.