Check out the screenshots!

Behold another brilliant and beautiful RPG/MMORPG User Interface kit. Suitable for any type of fantasy based game. All elements within this kit are 100% customisable. There is one main folder that contains individual PSD files for each of the core elements that make up the kit as well as a PNG folder with every single element pre-saved, this includes a lot of pre-defined buttons with titles so you can literally drag them into your game project and get going.

What’s included?

  • Action Bar with Active and Cool Down Buffers
  • Minimap
  • Game Login Form Fields
  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
  • Experience Bar
  • Mana, Energy & Health Pool
  • Quest Window
  • Standard Text Window
  • Character Portrait Window
  • Gender Select Icons
  • Normal and Hover Buttons

Everything can be combined and edited. 100% Photoshop vectors.

Font used is a system font know as Georgia.

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