Scifi Shooter Sprite Sheet

Scifi themed sprite Sheet for game including tileset, player, enemies and objects/items.

Pack contains:
  • Scifi themed tile/spriteset
  • 30 Wall & floor tiles (note: wall shadows not included)
  • Wall/floor tiles are 32×32 pixels in size
  • Pixelstyle
  • Space marine walking & shooting animations
  • Space marine shoot projectile
  • Alien gibs & splatter
  • Space ship
  • 8 alien types
  • 2 item icons
  • All layered separately!
  • Marine, item, alien & spaceship shadows not included!
  • .PSD & transparent .PNG

More marines here!

Tip: Most of these sprites are 32×32 pixels in size, but if you want to use them in HD screen resolutions, resize them with multipliers like x2, x3×4 etc (no decimals like x1.5). Just make sure that you have Image Interpolation setting set to Nearest Neighbor (in Photoshop: Preferences > General)when resizing to maintain the pixelly style without getting blurry graphics.