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Very nice file! Making the right shadow was always tricky for me but not anymore.

Thank you guys! Hope you will find these shadows usable many, many times! :) ...so do I… :)

Hi Smirnoff,

Great set, I was looking for professional shadows so this is perfect!

I was just wondering if you could explain very briefly how to use this. I suppose most buyers are designers and advanced Photoshop users, however my skills are still pretty basic so that would be much appreciated. I guess it will help more people as well.

Many thanks!


Hi barnabased,

You should slice a shadow you need, hide background and save for web as a transparent png. Or you may put a background you use in your design behind a shadow and save for web after. Or, if you prefer you can just grab a shadow layer and drag it into your design file and use there.

If you need more assistance on how to slice photoshop files for web, there are plenty tutorials available, just try search some of “photoshop slicing” etc on google or even youtube!

Any questions – feel free to ask!

Thank you! :)

Many thanks Smirnoff! This was exactly what I needed to know.

I’m going to be buying this when I sell a few more files. :bigsmile:

Fourth Purchased

Great job with this one, definitely worth of purchase.

hanher Purchased

Text shadows do not see why?

Just Amazing!

Really, I always find it hard to make good-looking shadows. Most of the time they would fail.

But with this pack, it was never this easy! Wow

Just, Wow!

Thank you!


I am glad I was able to help you out! It is really nice to hear! Thanks! :)

shadows chaala baagunnayi…

Excellant work

Very great job!