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I must say, well done! Simple but pro!


I totally agree!

Thanks… that was my objective, something simple but cool!

Really good work! What font did you use?

Outstanding. Would love to see more identity collections.

Lovely work… some of the best I’ve seen on here.

ORKO5 Purchased

A+++ . What Font did you use?


Thanks for the purchase! The font used is inside the help file. Email me if you have any other questions.

Thanks everyone!

@orkos: Thank you for the purchase! The font used can be found in the help file. Email me with any other questions.

very nice work

The files themselves are excellent, but I purchased the file thinking the preview files were included (the one’s shown above). Disappointing it’s not mentioned that’s not included. I purchased this file because of my desire to turn my flat digital designs into 3D photo-like renders like you did above and that’s what I thought I was purchasing. a little misleading!


I’m sorry there was some confusion. I thought this was clear but I have revised the information up top to reflect this.

The preview images shown above are a representation of the final printed document. The files are setup as print ready files which means once you add your text you can have these documents printed. The files that comprise the preview images are not part of this download.

This file is not a template to show what an identity system design looks like, rather, these are the files necessary to create a functioning document.

No worries! it’s not like a paid an extreme amount of money for it. haha. the files themselves are great though. cheers!

I love the layouts but I have a question about the use. Suppose I have a 10 page document. What do the interior pages look like, I’m not sure I can use the same huge bold impact ones you have shown, they seem appropriate for page 1 or as section lead

Curious to know your thoughts on this



I would just get rid of the top section altogether on the subsequent pages and extend the main text box to the top of the page.

Glad you like the file!

Now my Internet Marketing Business are looking more profesional

Awesome one !! I like it :D Again !! Good Luck With Sales

So clean work!