Frequently Asked Questions

WHY THE HELL are you not including the fonts you are using in the download? I have to spend time to download all fonts, some of them one by one in order to use the template. Pretty irritated I have to chase all the fonts. Tried to capture them and now only a few are loading. Can you help me collect them properly?

Although that all fonts are free and permitted free use in commercial projects, all of them are the property of the authors. Of course I would have with pleasure convert and include all the icon fonts in the package, but license agreements doesn’t allow me to change or convert them and then redistribute or sell. That is why the package contains only the links to download pages.

But I have a simple solution how quickly to solve this issue. Send me a message from my Profile Page and if I’m not sleep, I’ll help you immediately.

Don’t forget to specify which OS are you use, Mac or Win.

It’s look like ICONIC font became to commercial project. Where I can download a free version of this font?

You can download a free version of Iconic font (iconic_stroke.ttf) from there:

I’ll make an update to package links asap.

Note, you can allways send me a message from my Profile Page and if I’m not sleep, I’ll help you with fonts immediately.

How I can change the logo at the bottom?
Something does not let me edit it.

Go to the View Tab > Slide Master.
Select Layout “Text 1 Column” on the left thumbnails (it’s third from the top). Change your company information and Logo in the bottom area on this slide (you can insert picture of logo from file) and copy/paste them to other Master Slides.
For better logo quality and avoid the white block around, logo should be in PNG or WMF format.

If I want to change some of the icons/pictograms I guess each symbol has its own shortcut/key stroke, right? How do I know which key activates for example the mobile phone symbol?

Yes, you are mostly right. You can use Windows charmap.exe utility (or in Mac OS in the Finder go to Edit/Special Characters) to find necessary shortcut/key stroke. But there is an easier way.

Open the file Six Reasons Icons.pptx (it’s in the main package). Find desired icon, select it like a text character. Copy to clipboard (Ctrl-C or Command-C). Then switch to your presentation, select icon that you want to change, and paste from clipboard using Ctrl-V or Command-V shortcut.

Can the layouts and colors be changed and edited?

It’s not so difficult to change color theme. First you need to change Theme Colors on Main masterslide, and then manually assign some colors on the remaining elements in other slides.
Don’t forget to restart PowerPoint after changing and saving Theme Colors, because sometimes theme did not apply immediately.

How I can embed typography or even the iconfonts so that it doesn’t change on other computer when presenting?

First you need to convert all OTF fonts using in presentation to TTF format and reinstall them in Windows. It’s Novecento, Entypo and Modernpics.
You can use this free font converter:
Then you should change the default settings of PowerPoint.
Go to File->Options->Save, set the checkmark to “Embed fonts in the file” and “Embed all characters”.
Then save your presentation.

Note, embedding fonts available only for Windows version of PowerPoint!

But is there ANY solution for embedding iconfonts in Powerpoint for Mac?
The solution of this issue is to turn each character of icon into a PNG file and place it back into slide. If you are determined to convert your iconfonts to PNG icons I recommend using the following application for conversion:

I’m using PowerPoint for Mac OSX. I installed all the fonts as defined in the documentation. However they are still not loading properly even though I’ve double-checked they are all installed and do not get any missing font warnings from PowerPoint.

This trouble is often occurs if you recently installed a software update.

All you need to do is clear your Mac’s font caches, then restart your Mac, and everything will work.

If you’re running Leopard or Snow Leopard, you can clear the font caches with a Terminal command. Open the Terminal and type:

atsutil databases -removeUser

and press Return. That clears the font caches for the current user.

To clear them for all users, type:

sudo atsutil databases -remove
and press Return. You’ll be prompted for an administrator password.

Are the images at the sections breaks included?

No, images are not included in the main file according to copyrights. Placeholders have been used in their place there you can add your own pictures or photos.

You can buy these images on Shutterstock independently.
Here is the references to search on: 71958379, 73106863, 88988776, 93224269, 112806691, 116418451, 99701792, 101020420, 93221494.

Here is alternates on Photodune and Yuri Arcurs:

I bought your template today, very impressive and great work. Where do I rate this product?

Simply follow this visual guide: