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Very original Eucalyptuss! congratulations!

Very useful styles mate!

Very nice work! Bookmarked!

Great file! Good luck! ;)

That are very cool styles! :)

Wao! Nice work!

+ Bookmark, interesting idea. I think only the eight style in the preview image, the hand-drawn blue crosshatch needs to be better in the terms of seamlessness, that is the best style. I draw a lot, and I often shade sketches like that.

Kudos and I wish you more sales :)

Dawidb Purchased

Unfortunately these patterns doesnt work well with larger shapes because they dont align repeatedly. Wasted $7.


Yes, they don’t. It is visible on the screenshots very clearly. I recommend to browse them before any purchase to avoid unwarranted complaints.

Hi, I wish that the patterns were seamless. Maybe you know where to find a sketch seamless pattern ?