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great job! like a magic! :)

I will bookmark this. :)


I Like this. :D

how much for the girl?? just kidding, great stuff in here

Thanks for the comments everyone! Glad you like it

Wow, good job :)

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I have installed the plugin via the extension manager and i dont see how to get the colorful interface that you have displayed in the video. i am using CS6 and want to know how to get the interface with the colorful bars and not the standard action pallete. please advise.

Hello! Click on the panel menu located on the top-right of your Actions panel (Window > Actions) and select “Button Mode”. http://i.imgur.com/qn4BxYA.png
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Hello-I just purchased and can’t get the Remove Freckles to work in CS6. It stops at “copy merge is not accessible”. Disappointed as this is why I bought it as I already have a good retouching actions set. I also don’t understand the process for getting the select skin tones to work. Could you please assist or correct this? Thanks


Thanks for trying out the actions and letting us know about the error Eridux! The select skin tones action only works in Photoshop CS6 or newer. It creates a selection of the skin tones using face-detection and you can use that selection to create a layer mask for the airbrushing effects. For example, you can run an action (ex. Skin Airbrushing), run the select skin tone action to create a selection of the skin tones, then fill your Skin Airbrushing layer mask with white using the selection it made.

For the Copy Merged error, we updated the file and we’re waiting on Envato to approve it. As a temporary fix for now, you can create a temporary blank layer before running the mattifying script and it should work.

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These skin actions are by-far superior than any others out there. I’m a high-end retoucher by-trade and these actions achieve a very natural appearance. I still prefer to retouch manually by splitting the image into high & low frequency (and healing on those two passes) because of the control I have, but when I’m in a hurry, this set is absolutely fantastic!

hello i think this is a great job but before to buy i have a question? this actions work in Adobe Photoshop CC ?


Hi Waldir! Yes it works with Photoshop CC!

Wow! This is great! It hasn’t even been 30 minutes since I’ve purchased it and it has already saved me tons of time. Thanks and great job!

I also now have a problem to use Skin. Since I have updated the latest version of Photoshop CS6 it doesn’t seem to work on CS6. Could you please help me? I would like to be able to use it.


My Photoshop CS6 version 13.1.2 64 bit


I guess you have to update your skin action set as it doesn’t seem to work with the latest verion of Photoshop CS6 Extended.


I just tested it out in the latest version of Photoshop CS6 and CC and it seems to be working for me. We also haven’t heard any reports from other uses about it not working in the latest version of Photoshop CS6.

Can you send your PSD file after you’ve run the action? You can use a file uploading service like www.ge.tt and send me a private message.

Some other things to ensure is that your foreground/background colors are black/white. You can do this by pressing D on your keyboard and that you have your layer mask selected when painting. Make sure your image mode is RGB by going to Image > Mode > RGB Color.

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Nice~! I love it. thanks :)

Hi, what fonts did you use to the SKIN and below text in your banner?

I love it. Nice work thanks

greate tool!!

Excellent thanks :)