Smooth Zigzag User Interface (UI), web kit

Web pack, including:

Horizontal navigation bar
search form
text form with horizontal and vertical scroll bars
buttons (normal, hover)
image box
video player (with 6 shape icons)
18 useful basic icons: search (magnifying glass), home, sitemap, mail (letter), phone, chat, user, tick, cross, settings (cog), heart (favourite), star (rating), download, upload (arrow), shop cart, idea (bulb), information, comment (pencil). All in shapes and layer styles!

There are 2 patterns (angular square pattern, pigtail pattern), each in 16 beautiful colours.

Shape layers, layer styles, tiled textures make size and style changing easy for you.

There is a psd file, where all elements are ready for the 12 column grid. There are also many pattern png files, photoshop pat files and csh file with icon shapes.

Fonts used in the item: Tahoma, Fertigo pro (free)
A photo was used in preview. Author of the photo: L. Marie

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