Strategic Horizontal Brochure

A clear and professionally 36 page horizontal brochure for your business – easy to use and change. It is much cheaper to produce than a DIN A4 brochure, but it has nearly the same attention. The main feature was placed on seriousity and information rather than on experimental design. Clean and modern design without sinless ample white spaces, but with a touch tradition.

The brochure comes with a tab at the border of each page which could highlight and display different business areas or other topics. It is organized in four parts. Every part starts with a teaser page for the upcoming chapter. You can also choose between four cover options to customize your individual look. Or may bee, you`ll need four autonomous brochures with the same design but individual look?! Everything is possible!

Just copy & paste your text and replace your own images! Several color variations are possible, the design works with nearly every color. You can change the grey background color to your favourite one with just a few clicks.

Please note that pictures are not included. They are just for demonstration purposes and not part of the license.

Check the Strategic Horizontal Brochure live preview!

Technical specifications:

  • DIN A5, 210×148 mm (horizontal)
  • InDesign CS3 and up
  • QuarkXPress 7.5 and up
  • free fonts (links in helpfile)
  • ready to print
  • CMYK

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