Tabletisimo - Tablets Mock-up Showcaser

Tabletisimo - Tablets Mock-up Showcaser - Mobile Displays

Tabletisimo – Tablets Mock-up Showcaser

Tabletisimo is the premier tablet showcasing and mockup Photoshop tool for your Apps, Wallpapers and other work. Tabletisimo is a must have tool for web designers and apps developers. Tabletisimo is simple to use but make no mistake, is smart object powered.Double click, put your design, save and you are ready to show how nice your app looks.

How to use smart objects.

1. Double click on the smart object
2. Put your website, app screenshot
3. Save and close the smart object
4. Export as a png or jpg

  • 10 Psd ready to be used.
  • - scalable and well organized
  • - bonus included – 10 wallpapers for different devices
  • - smart object – 1 click to customize the screen.
  • - different perspectives.
  • - black and white versions

Tutorial how to use them inside!