Taurentor - Bold and Strong Mark for your Business


Taurentor – BOLD and STRONG mark for your business

This bold and strong mark design is perfect if you want to express strength, boldness and determination in your business. This mark is also perfect specifically for any stock market-related business. Great for websites, icons and even on printed media. This pack includes the full color version as well as several ones on different backgrounds and also 1-color versions.

Everything is done in vector, so it his highly customizable and can be resized without loss of quality.

Many different color combinations are possible with this design. You can also move the individual elements to suit your taste (some alternative layouts are already included).

Colors are in CMYK and the necessary color codes are inside the document. The full color version of this mark still looks great when printed on smaller media (such as name card and thank you card).

Concepts and ideation:

The bull mostly represents strength, boldness and determination. It is also a symbol of all things positive (especially when related to the stock market business). The mark is done in a modern and stylized approach, making it look sophisticated and elegant.

    Important notes:

  • Bold light or dark background is recommended.
  • Font used: Bevan and Grandesign Neue.

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