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“The Graphic River Dolphins win against the Flash Den Foxes”, made me chuckle. :D Nice file!

hahahah… cool that you laughed about it…. and thanks for the comment on my file.

Cool. I like this alot.

good to hear that sunschild57. Thanks for your comment. I appreciate. :-)

bad_lt Purchased

Clean PSD , cool file. Simple, efficient and built correctly ! Work of someone who knows his job.

Gratz hansv

thanks for that comment bad_it! Good to know the file is of your liking. Thank you very much for your words, I appreciate.

Daniel_R Purchased

Thanks Hansv for this great file! I used this for a newsletter for my church. Keep the good work! Like the articles too…:)

hi elreto! Nice to hear that this template was useful. Thank you for your commment!

altinkum Purchased

this is perfect, what l was looking for and cant wait to see magazine and more cloured ones. well done


thanks altinkum. Good to hear that my Newspaper was what you were looking for. Thanks for the purchase. Have a lot of fun with the template :)

Hi Hansv,

I know this might be a beginner question but, i wanted to know if i could edit this file with adobe photoshop elements 8.0. thanks. im not a pro, so that’s the only software i have.


Hi Sacyto, me again. I have checked the file to see if I find something that could not work with photoshop elements. I remember that photoshop elements does not support the use of “groups inside other groups” (“folders inside other folders”). Can you tell me if this is true? Or does photoshop elements does not support groups (folders) at all?

The header of this newspaper (where the words: “The newspaper”, “Special Edition”, etc. are) uses groups inside other groups. take a look at this image to see what I mean: click here

If your photoshop elements supports the use of groups but does not support groups inside other groups, we could find a solution to the problem of the header. (You would buy the item here and I would send you a psd with the header using one level groups)

Please contact me through my profile (there is a contact form) and we can see if we find a way to do it.

Thanks for your interest in my item. hans



I bought it…through the b-day pack. It is working fine…it gave me some messages at first: like covert this and that, something about rbg, etc., but I can edit it. I’m not having any issues so far. Thanks alot for the support, you are awesome.


Hi Sacyto. Nice to hear that the file works for you. I hope you have a great time using it in your project.

And enjoy all other items you bought in that birthday bundle :) It is great to know one of my items was selected by staff to be included in that bundle.


i was just wondering does the example stories stay on the design when you buy it because im using it for a school project and i need to write a story and i was wondering if the other ones stay because then i dont have to write other stories so it looks like a newspaper



Hi joel, the sample stories are in the design when you buy it…. but the text ist just a placeholder text “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet… etc”. I do not know if that is enough for your needs. Thanks for your interest in my item. hans

How soon is electronic delivery of the item after I submit payment?


hi landonbaker, actually you should be able to download it as soon as you bought it. All you have to do is go to your download area. greetings Hans

I’m a teacher trying to create a school paper for a new journalism class. What programs do I need to support this if I buy and download it? Just photoshop? Is this a photoshop document?

Very good :)


Thanks :)