Included is a comprehensive set of Web UI elements that are intended to help designers save time, money, & headaches when they are mocking up web pages. Having spent countless hours mocking up websites myself, I’ve learned that there are some elements that I re-use quite a bit to speed up the design process on non-creative elements.

Specifically, I have broken out all of the standard web ui elements that web designers use on a regular basis & recreated them in separated layers that are ready for quick placement, restyling, & scaling.

Each individual UI element is on it’s own layer, ready for you to drag and drop into your own PSD . Some of the elements that commonly require scaling are already separated by element (ie: scrollbars each have a top arrow/bottom arrow/scroller/track).

Here’s the full list: 4 Mouse Cursors
3 Styles of check boxes (on/off)
3 styles of radio buttons (on/off)
5 Styles of Next/Prev buttons (left/Right)
10 styles of Form Fields
5 Dropdown Styles
10 Button Styles80
20 Miscelleneous Elements (toggles, arrows, close buttons, etc.)
4 Tooltip styles
10 Scrollbars

Fonts Used: Lucida Sans – Standard Web/System Font

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