The Vintage Set: Flyers / Insignias vol.1

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The Vintage Set: Flyer / Insignia vol.1

Having seen the preview image,you are probably wondering what kind of file this is. Is it a set of flyers or a set of insignias. The answer is quite easy… it’s both! In fact, we’ve created one flyer layout with three preset vintage colours, one frame design, and four interchangeable insignias that make up the heart of the flyer. So included in the download file we’ve got 12 flyers (4 designs and three colour variations) and four insignias. But that is just a start as you can easily create your own look and feel by adding background images, different colours, and variate the font. And if you don’t like flyers but want to use the insignias on their own, just drop them into any other project.

This premium product was designed for any type of music event (such as gig, concert, festival, or party), but it can easily be adapted to suit any other event as well.

The file includes:

  • One flyer layout.
  • 4 interchangeable insignias.
  • Three preset colors( Blue, grey and red).
  • 16 individual PSD Files (Fully print ready, 300 DPI/CMYK. Size: 8.75×11.25)

The files are well organized and easy to modify. Also, we have included our new improved documentation to make it easier for you to get up and running !

Fonts used:

Keep in mind to try different fonts and textures to get various kickass results !


Background images we’ve used in this demo are not included.

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