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Wow, Great job! Looks very nice! ;)

Very Nice Mock-up, Good luck ;)

Wow, Excellent mockup!

good one robbie! waiting for the one with a live model facing the cam :)

waiting eagerly :)

Where do people order t-shirt print like that?


it is only an example place holder, the mock up allows you to put any print you want.

Looks cool. Would be great to get one that you can see the back too, if you fancy a task.


Ditto on the backside

Hi, Great mock-up, i’ve bought another things of you and i’m satisfied.

Can we change color of t-shirt easily ? Have you plan for a V2 to add the back of the t-shirt ?



yes. soon :-)

scotth Purchased

Awesome template! The back template would be a welcome addition.

Hi, Rob

Nice mock-up, one think I noticed though is that DSC _0213 isnt a smart object and also same with 0221. The print layer you mention isnt smart object so I am unable to make a quick change. I am using CS3 not sure if others have had this issue or just me. The other file is fine


it’s OK. The smart object makes the 3d angle, therefor, it is not needed in the other two which are front angled. just follow the instructions. “Add any picture to the “print” folder and place it as desired.”

it should be very easy to do.

Wonderfull Work !! & Excellent Job :)

Totally awesome dude!


thank you!

musfira Purchased

hi, author,...Is it possible for you to help me to change the backgroud ??

i need it to look more realistic , i need it look like on the wood floor or similar, with its shadow , light etc especially for Folded mockup ( 2nd folded )

is is possible for you to help me ??


dear musfira, i’m sorry but i cannot change the product for each client.