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User Interface Pro Set

User Interface Pro Set

Highly customizable:
All elements are mede with editable paths, except the button icons that are pixel perfect.

Easily change colors in the "color control" layer.

elements included:

- dark and light text

- generic button (small and big)
– pause button (small and big)
– forward button (small and big)
– play button (small and big)
– stop button (small and big)
– rewind button (small and big)

- minimize button
– maximize button
– close button

- progress bar
– volume slider
– search box
– search button
– numeric display
– on/off switch
– text area
– horizontal scroll
– vertical scroll

Fonts Used:
1: Arial (a standard font)
2: PF Tempesta Seven (a pixel font that can be downloaded from here: http://pinvoke.com/fonts/ for free)

Hope you like it