A pack with 25 beautifully designed interface elements. They have a clean and polished look, great for every web 2.0 website or application.
• Normal buttons, normal and hover modes
• Small buttons, normal and hover modes
• Breadcrumb style navigation
• Media player and web icons, such as play, pause, download
• Search Bar
• Drop Down Menu
• Scale Sliders, with round and sharp pointers
• Checkboxes
• Input fields
• Vertical and horizontal scrollbars
• Extensive documentation
• Tutorial

The elements are all shapes and the look is given with layer styles – completely. This makes the file super easy to customize.

But you’re still not quite convinced yet? You’re asking yourself “why is this file so awesome?”

I’ll tell you. The items are colorable. I made a tutorial on coloring the buttons. You’ll go from this:
to this:
With very little effort you can make the elements just right for the job you need.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop them below.
Hope you enjoy,

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