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“Very happy with purchase, great work, clean :)”
by clearcoast in Steve – Responsive Email Template

“gorgeous, clean and neat template! just bought it the moment i saw it on the search page.”
by cranko in Clip – Responsive Email Template

“OMG so glad I got this so super easy and looks really FREAKING AWESOME!”
by freedommcflyy in Brev – Responsive Email Template

“Splendid – it works flawless since your update :) 6 out of 5 stars, mate!”
by hoodvisions in Flick – Responsive E-mail Template

“Works like a dream across every client we send it through (even evil Outlook!) and super easy to edit. Thanks again”
by charlie4282 (Community super stars 2014) in Angelos Email Template

“Yay! Glad you’re happy we chose your template. It’s very cool and flexible – which is what we needed. :D One happy buyer right here!”
by Jordan_M Microlancer Communications Manager in Kertas – Responsive Email Template

src: envato forum

“We love to use items from the Marketplaces whenever we can :) Congrats for getting yours chosen!”
by KingDog Envato Staff in Kertas – Responsive Email Template

src: envato forum

“EXCELLENT SUPPORT! Also, it helps to have MailChimp template experience to understand how to use these more elaborate templates.”
by OYF in Cupcake – Responsive Email Template

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