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Art, Code & Sound for games!

www.cosmichaulgame.com – get it for FREE!

I love to create games. www.takomogames.com

You’ll find spritesheets, tilesets and other game graphics from my graphicriver page and blips and beeps from my audiojungle page. Everything is listed below for easier browsing.

Btw, if you create something with my stuff, send me a message, just for curiosity :)

Have fun!

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Extended lisence also available for those who want to SELL their game (sponsorship, paid version).

Buried with mobile game development, so cannot accept any freelance work atm, sorry!


Actionscript 3


Vector Pixel Art


Pixel Art / Tilesets & Sprite Sheets

Tip: Most of these sprites are 32×32 pixels in size, but if you want to use them in HD screen resolutions, resize them with multipliers like x2, x3×4 etc (no decimals like x1.5). Just make sure that you have Image Interpolation setting set to Nearest Neighbor (in Photoshop: Preferences > General)when resizing to maintain the pixelly style without getting blurry graphics.


Sound Effects / Blips & Beeps


Check out these cool projects using my art!

Graveyard Runner – Kickstarter (Cryptive Games)

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