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Eheh yeah was a fun pust. Invitations sent!! When I’ll have another one will post here. He should post that on Dribbble!!

Who won the invites?

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What is the Dribble? =/

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Envato team

Deserved it :)

Thought I made something by myself. Sorry but I am a bit rude today. Hope you understand my humor :)


Regards Lung
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Whoa what a response :). Thank all of you guys!

Yep I’ve got an Invite and as a wrote a few weeks before: It was a private Milestone of mine to get an invite for dribble :)

At the moment I am thinking about WHAT to post for my Debut. Well, maybe I should really post this one but I am also one of the most self-critical persons on earth :).

But once more: Thank you Giallo for draffting me. I’m still feeling honored :)

Regards, Lung :)

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@Todik one of the most famous graphic designers community

You’re extraordinary talented Lung, if you subscribed as a rookie for sure you got the invite in secs. BTW as a first shot I’d put this one (also because is very well done). If you love your works, you’re not a great designer…if you hate them after a while is normal tho :D

Frankly I didn’t know very much about Dribbble when I subscribed, I just started posting my crappy works without saying hello to anybody :D

The other invited was myjilson, he didn’t answered at my mail yet. I invited him because he tries to change style often..tries to be a designer..IMHO deserves it and can learn in Dribbble.

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The most happiest moments in my life :)

Thanks a lot Giallo for the great dribbble invitation :)

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I know this will cause a mini heart attack to you guys!

Like a boss

Hahaha epic!!! XD