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Btw, could’t resist asking the question. Simply why you guys don’t have 2 different kind of upload pages for Photodune and other marketplaces? Photodune clearly needs sophistication for bulk uploads which may even deserve custom upload settings (auto trimming excessive tags etc). Grrr…
actually uploading on photodune is different than the rest of the marketplaces.

Then there should be no chance for messing up with a photodune requested feature with other marketplaces :D

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Envato team

Then there should be no chance for messing up with a photodune requested feature with other marketplaces :D

We share/re-use code for as long as possible, until we learn the differences between certain items and marketplaces, like this one, then we adjust our approach :)

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Sometimes I copy/paste the tags from another of my items – it’s practical. Just tried this now and unfortunately it creates a huge box with all the words inside, instead of one word per box. So, while it does look better, to me it loses a lot of functionality. And I’m guessing for other videohive authors with many videos that are similar if not equal in terms of tags, the copy/paste thing was very useful. This just adds extra typing time. :\

I tried closing the box and all the tags spread to individual words. I think this is a great addition as we don’t need to count the number of tags always.

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As a few of us suggested already, it would’ve been enough to add a “COPY TAGS” button and all problems are solved, keeping both the old important functionality and new cool looks with tag counter. But, eh, who listens to us? :P:):)
I do, I did :) We may end up with exactly that implementation, but I’d rather not fix one feature by piling on another feature without first thinking it through. “Copy” is a feature provided by the browser/OS, implementing a feature to mimic this due to a flaw in our own features is a bad smell.

I fully disagree with this, looks bit.ly for example they have a simply “copy” button which paste the short link on your clipboard, I find it way more intuitive than hand select and copy the link.
The new tags UI was a really good ui improvement, since we don’t need to mannualy count the tags, which I find very stressful, so was good to keep it.
I’m sure the “copy tags” button would make everybody happy here :)