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@Landon – David was referring to regular Tuts+, and we’ve already added that switcher.

At the time, I did not think so as the regular Tuts+ had a site switcher – the Tuts+ Network dropdown on the right.

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Why share experiences? Because it isn’t always about making money. We make a living off of an open source project, it’s only fitting to give back every once in a while.

...some people don’t know that money isn’t everything in life. Thumbs up for you mate! :)

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I really don’t see what the fuzz is about, I would love to share my knowledge but in my personal opinion I don’t have enough of it. First of all when you write such tutorials you don’t share all of your behind the sean stuff and special custom features (for example auto importing data for your custom panel), all you do is teach the basics in a good way, pinpoint what to cover in your theme and what issues to watch out for. If my knowledge was at the satisfying level I would go for it.

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oh dear this went pear shaped didn’t it! haha.

@JeffreyWay good to see you on the forums! Hope you get some top quality Tuts+ premium submissions.

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The only way someone is going to learn about wordpress using tutorials is by getting into it like it’s a classroom. It takes a lot of time to learn everything, and everything cannot be learned in one place yet.

I’ve tried. It’s frustrating. Yet I still buy Tuts, read Tuts, and search for easy ways to learn it all. Not going to happen until I put my head in the ground, ignore everything else, and just learn it…. probably not going to happen anytime soon.

The more I learn, I more I have to remember – it’s getting pretty full in here as it is – meaning, how much can I remember?

Most people who want to know, don’t give the 150% needed to learn and actually apply what they learn about WP.

Sure, I’ll still buy Tuts and still Read some of the Codex, and Search about ways to learn . . . . But my head isn’t ready to stop everything else to do it yet.

If you don’t offer tips via tuts, someone else will – and they’ll sell their knowledge, make a little cash, and move on to better things. Meanwhile, they’ll gain followers, and more buyers of their Tuts and Themes – Because that’s what people who want to learn do!

I’ve bought about 20 Themes or more here, mostly to try and learn. Who do I buy from: the ones who offer assistance, tips etc., etc.

I’ll still get my dose of WP info, somewhere, somehow, whether in these marketplaces or elsewhere.

My 2 Cents.


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This is actually exactly what Ive been looking for.. and would appreciate it if it came true… As a newbie author, Ive been obsessing about what should go into my theme/template, the documentation, the packaging, the add ons, etc…

I know it should be straightforward, but for some of us it isn’t just yet.

Thanks for suggesting this, Jeffrey!

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Hey Jeffrey,

I didn’t say the marketplaces competes with tuts+ I said that if you are giving your knowledge away for more people to compete with you as an author then that would place the 2 sites in competition.

Mike – Tuts+ is a marketplace that Envato earn from so your not sharing your knowledge in the spirit of open source – you are sharing it for a cost…

Obviously I’m in the minority so please carry on without me ;)

Gotta agree here, we’re all here in business for ourselves giving away your “secret sauce” if you will — just doesn’t make much sense.

It’s an illusion to think that if you build a fence around your knowledge, you can carry on making themes in 2032 without competition. If wordpress itself wasn’t GPL , it wouldn’t ever gain this much popularity and no one, including the “elite” authors on TF, wouldn’t be able to learn this fast themselves. Many real big names in wordpress community are releasing themes and plugins free, just to contribute and give back to the source that puts bread on their table, it doesn’t make them any poorer…

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First you have to buy the theme, then you can ask for help! No one will provide help until you purchase the theme!

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I think the pro theme dev’s are all afraid because they think if they share their knowledge they will get competition from newbie but don’t mind me saying that the real reason behind it is that they are a greedy fellows who want the whole fruit for themselves and no one other than them should get it, but they are wrong because no matter how much work they say is behind the themes they develop and i agree there is the real thing is that every basic tools/liberaries they use are free and open source say if it WordPress, jQuery, google fonts/fontface, many plugins they have moded are submited free by some great people. So the moral is just that one cant eat more than his/her appetite no matter how much food is in front of you and if u do you might not be able to digest it so let all get the chance and have their share and live because

One could take what is in your hands,
But no can take what is their in your fate.
So stop worrying and seeing some one as your opponent as one can only take what is written in his/her fate if good he/she might overcome you / if bed they will just vanish from here. If I am wrong just forgive me…........:)