10 Clean 2K HD Tileable Paper Textures

10 Clean 2K HD Tileable Paper Textures

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If you are interested in this product, please goto 22 Clean 2K HD Tileable Paper Textures Mega Pack for version 2 for the same price – the all new upgraded v2 of this paper texture pack v1. If you have bought this v1, please leave comment on it, I will send you v2 for free! Sorry for the inconvenience.
2012 March : Version 1.0 Release.


Ten clean 2000px*2000px HD(300 DPI resolution print ready, plus low-res 75 DPI included) tileable paper textures, from vintage tome to high quality modern bleached paper.

What it does:

This texture collection has wide range of applications, it has high detail texture and fine pixels, the collection can be use in any design field, such as website background, print, creative business card, business presentation, for example PowerPoint and Keynote background, even as a painting canvas in PS or in Corel Painter, virtually endless usability, and its simple style make it timeless.

What is in the .ZIP package:

  • 1 HD Hi-res Photoshop .PAT file with 10 patterns (File size: 77.6MB .RAR)
  • 1 Low-res Photoshop .PAT file with 10 patterns (File size: 3.66MB .RAR)
  • 10 HD 300 DPI tileable specifically named .JPG files (2000px * 2000px, Total file size: 22.1MB)
  • 10 web 75 DPI tileable specifically named .JPG files (500px * 500px, Total file size: 474KB)

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