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So cute! Lovely file.

Thank you :)

this is really cool, well done


Bravo, awsome style! I love the animals!

Thanks :)

Really nice Illustrations. Such character!


Wonderful little animals!!!

Spasibo inkin :)


Thanks crimz

This animal is superb cute …. love it…

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Thanks rueelobo!

Funny and furry. ;-)

Thank you

) otlichno narisovanno, pravda tut art ne silno popularen, slojno tolknutb vse chto ne web 2.0)

Da, ya znau. Oni risovalis dlya uluchsheniya tehniki, no tak kak poluchilos vrode neploho, reshil vilojit. )

congrats on the amazing work here. I’m bookmarking this now and hope that I can get a project soon where I can use them.

Thank you, hope you get this project! )

Wauu =)) Really cute animals! Amazing work!

Thanks YgorDon )

Hi. Amazing work. I have a question. Could you make the cat black for me? :) I’m trying to do that in the photoshop but i cat make nice effect.

Hi abdiel. Yes, i can. Tomorrow i send you file. Thanks for purchasing. )

Thx :) Perfect work :)

ha-ha-ha!!!!=))))) o4en’ miluje *uvotnuje :-D ;) 8)

Spasib )

These are absolutely adorable!

thanx )

cute, funny and great work ;)

Nice work :)glws

hello, presale question… flie printable?