Discussion on 10 DL Leaflet Mock-ups - Photoshop

Discussion on 10 DL Leaflet Mock-ups - Photoshop

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Can I use it with transparent background, are the shadows on seperate layers? Once to your DL Notice above: A4 Flyer will normally look like this: 2×100/210 and 1×97/210, which you have to fold in.


Sorry for the late reply, the backgrounds are transparent/on a separate lay to the artwork and also the shadows are also on separate layers.

Anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me either here or through my profile (profile would be quicker if it is urgent).


of course i am, i am just busy work wise and its a bit of an inconvenience having to mail you the files for you to check as i see you have done with several people on here would it not be easier for both of us if you just corrected the original as it should have been from the get go?

Usually I have found the issues people are having are because they aren’t aligning their artwork properly, I have had over 300 sales and you are the first person to say they files do not align properly, so it would help to have a look at your artwork to see if it is how you are setting up the file or if there is an issue, any issues I have found with the file have been fixed and updated as of yet I have not had anyone else comment on alignment.

not impressed the flyer panels don’t line up right, on the ones where you see 3 panels at least which is why i purchased this…please advise

Can you email me your artwork so I can check, thanks

Hey, its been two week and you have not contacted me for support, are you not interested in getting any help or support?

Heads up
Does not work in CS3 as specified in the description.

Please read the description;

If you have CS3 ; please check that your version it is up-to-date and that you can use advance smart objects.

If you would like support for this then please contact me through my profile, as I have resolved issues with smart objects and CS3 for other people.

Using CS3 Extended – 10.0.1 (No updates available, according to the Adobe Updater).

I will contact you privately through your Envato profile.

Very nice quality. Just what I was looking for.

Cool, thanks for the compliment.

Great work, worth buying no doubt ! thanks

Thank you very much!

Hey pirretjp,

nice work but didn’t work! I have the same problems as fryoneusa and Jamie_humbug99.

Any idea for solving the problem?

Version is CS3 …

Hmm, this seems to be an issue with CS3 , I have contacted Adobe to see if there is a fix for this.


I installed CS5 and it works fine…

Thank you!

Actions dont work..

Hey, this mock up doesn’t use any actions just smart objects, email me what you are having trouble with and I would be happy to help.

What paper size are these for? I was hoping they would be for 11×8.5 but it doesn’t appear to be the case? Hope I didn’t just waste $5

The dimensions displayed are the total dimensions for the file 5,000×5,000px so that buyers know these are high quality. As the file is called DL mock up I’d presume most people would know the dimensions of a single DL, so the total dimensions of each mock up varies on how many DLs there are:

1 DL = 99×210mm 2 DL = 198×210mm 3 DL = 297×210mm

You are always able to ask questions before buying.

I also noticed that the width of the end mock up file seems to stretch after placing in my own document?

Hey sorry, I didn’t see this, so sorry for the late reply, if you message me and I’ll have a look for you as not too sure what you mean, thanks.


Im also having the same issue as Fryoneusa!

I go to place in my art work save the file/layer and look back on the mock up and its all out of wack :\

Hey, if you message me or send me the files I’ll have a look for you.

What am I doing wrong? I edit the Smart Object, replace the .jpg and Save it (not save as) but when I look at the document, the edited smart object does not maintain the shape that it was originally. It’s all distorted. Certainly you don’t have to warp and manipulate the smart object after editing, right? That would defeat the purpose. I must be missing something :)

Hey, no it should not change at all, you aren’t editing the document when you place your artwork, maybe if you email me and I will help you out.


yes, i figured it out…thanks THEY ARE AWSOME ! i own an online printing business and i would like to have more mockups hes is a list of all the products i sell. would you be able to make mockups for all ? do you have them already made? if not…how much would it cost me?

Business Cards Bookmarks CD Covers Banners Brochures Calendars Door Hangers CD Inlays Vehicle Magnets Booklets Envelopes Flyers CD Sleeves Catalogs Letterhead Post Cards DVD Covers Folders Notepads Posters Rolodex Cards Rip Cards Stickers Sell Sheets Tent Cards Trading Cards

Cool, great you like.

Happy to make more mock-ups probably best if you email me through here then so we can sort it out.


I downloaded the file but the file only came with one set. isn’t it suppost to be 10 sets? please help. john

Yes, all ten sets are inside one psd file, and are separate layers, so that you don’t have to edit all ten mock-ups, edit one and it will update all of them.


Thank you very much!


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