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Wow really nice work!

thank you mike.

yeah i really like them all. they seem so authentic! great job!

thank you jkyriazidis, i appreciate.

Looks Great.. :)

thanks alot mate.

thank you very much

I like the Stamps unfortunately CS6 will not allow me to load the actions as say file type does not recognize , Please help cheers,

Please check you mail.

thank you.

I just purchased these rubber stamps and I am only getting 1 file once I download and unzip. Please tell me where are the 10 Editable Rubber Stamps.

Hey, the stamps are all in one file, and are organised in folders which contain layers of each stamp. if your layers panel is not open do the following to open it. Press “F7” or from your menu Goto “Window > Layers”. You will notice some icons on the left side of your photoshop. Check and uncheck any of the stamps.

Let me know if you need further help. This video below will also help you to edit some of the stamps.