Discussion on 10 Logo Graphic Styles #5

Discussion on 10 Logo Graphic Styles #5

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Great styles mate :) good sales


Very nice love them!

Thank you!

wow wonderful work mate

thank you

Thank you! I appreciate.

I just went to buy it for $4 and it showed up as $6 in my Paypal.

I don’t know why. You should contact the support center.

can you provide .psd file with it?

Sorry, the item is not made to work in photoshop

Hi does this file contains the fonts? For example in the case of “INSANE” if i change to “INSANO” (insane in Spanish) it only would be 100% identical if i use the same font. Any bold font like “Impact” of “Futura Bold” would look similar but never the same.


In the Help File you’ll find the links to all fonts. Instal the font and then open the styles. Now you can change the name and the font will be exactly the same like in the preview file.

Hello, can i use/load it in CS5?

Yes, it works.

When i try to load a Style, PS requesting a *ASL File :::!?

Yes, because you are using Photoshop! These styles are made for Illustrator!