10 Photoshop Action For Photographers

10 Photoshop Action For Photographers

10 Photoshop Action For Photographers This File Contains 10 Actions which can be used with Photoshop

10 Actions

  • Basic Colour Correction
  • Green Scale Lines
  • Retro Feel
  • Lighten
  • Darken
  • Glow
  • Black And White
  • Broken Camera
  • Green Effect
  • Nature Correction

You can mix the actions for hundreds of different results! for only $4!

Images are under Creative Commons Licence A big thank you to the photographers for the photos. – Wazari, Vinoth Chandar, Joel Bedford, danorbit, Fabio Trifoni, Poe Tatum, Eduardo Amorim, and Angelo González.

In Case you are wondering what they do:

- Basic Colour Correction This is my favourite Action. It is a basic Colour Correction which gives a nice orange and purple gradient map which reminds me of a summer day. But overall Nice Effect.

- Green Scale Lines Green Scale Lines adds TV scan Lines to your photo with a green layer overlay. Originally This was going to be called Matrix Effect but because I did not include numbers I called it Green Effect.

- Retro Feel Retro Feel at some curves to your photos to give it a nice retro effect works on any photo. I recommend using it on a photo taken outdoors just because it gives a nicer look and feel to the photo.

- Lighten lighten Basically does what it says on the tin. Give your Photo a brighter look if you have taken photos in a dark atmosphere.

- Darken The same with darken darkens photos for that nicer look. you may apply this as many times as you like to get the perfect feel.

- Glow Glow brightens up the light colours in your photo to give a nice glow effect. this also can be applied as many times as you need to give your photo the look you always wanted it to.

-Black And White Black and white ins’t just a quick saturation decreases it uses a range of photoshop features to give you the perfect black and white feel.

- Broken Camera Broken Camera changes the blue, red and green curves of you picture to give it a nice strange effect. you can view this in the preview. But can be changed to your liking of you are not happy with the colours chosen.

- Green Effect Green effects give your photo a amazing green feel. to improve your final image the opacity of the map can be lowered to your liking so that you have the final photo of your dreams.

- Nature Correction Last but not least is the amazing nature correction. this action corrects your nature photos with a press of the button. As seen in the preview you can see my original image i took and the one with nature correction applied. this truly is a great action to give your nature photos just a bit more.

Thank you for viewing my 10 Photoshop Action For Photographers. I would really like it if you could leave a comment, rating and purchase my Photoshop Actions. This file contains a help document if you need help installing and using.

Thank you Again, ~ Cause

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