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Can you send me a sample picture of the specific style of the color background

Background map

A built-in style

Can you give me

Hello can you upload these pictures of the specific style color background to me

Hello, can you send me the specific color style

Downloaded files and pictures you uploaded is not the same

Give me pictures you upload

Colour Background clouds Specific hue


Background clouds

Specific hue

I want

Built-in styles

Specific hue

Upload your pictures and compress the bag is not the same

I want you to upload the picture.


Hi?your goods is very nice.But i have a questions?how to modify the flag color to black without changing the texture?as your Preview Image.Thank you.

Please send me your email address.Thank you.

Please send me your email address.Thank you.

Hello. Send the letter via profile page on graphicriver or on our website I cannot write email on public web to avoid spam. Thanks!

Hello, neural! Yes, you can put image with any pattern or something like that on the background!

This flag mockup is beautiful. However, it’s very blurry when I open it up to begin working. What am I doing wrong?

We can`t provide a support for another program, because we dont prepare mock-up for them and we dont have specialist.

Oh ok. I’ve brought mockup’s from here before and didn’t have this issue. But I understand. Well thank you for your help.

If you have any questions about Photoshop feel free to contact us for help! Thanks

Hello, just downloaded this and having trouble with the simplest of things…editing the color of the flag…I’m on the layer…but changes do not take affect. Also, when I use smart layer for flag content, I get a window after hitting save asking about displacement, I hit ok, it looks for a file (??) I hit cancel and it renders, this odd step is not in your short tutorial and cannot see/understand what it is doing there. thanks for help. oh and using new iMac but still funning Photoshop CS5.5 which shouldn’t be an issue.