100 Different Multi-Purpose Abstract Backgrounds Bundle

100 Different Multi-Purpose Abstract Backgrounds Bundle

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10 High-Quality Items of Backgrounds in one Mega Bundle

80% Discount! Do not miss your chance!

Attention to our customers! Cyber Monday is still there! If you’re looking for high-quality backgrounds for your graphics projects, you’re on the right spot. Only now, you can purchase a bundle of 10 wallpapers packs for $8 only! It’s a limited time offer, so don’t lose your chance and save $32 on high-resolution various themes backgrounds. You’ll get 100 ready-to-use wallpapers in 1 archive for an insane discount of 80%!

It’s a great deal you don’t wanna miss out:

  1. The bundle includes 10 background items, each consists of 10 high-quality images
  2. Each pack costs $4 individually, so for 10 packs you would spend $40, BUUUT! You get 100 wallpapers in a bundle which costs only $8
  3. You save $32 which is an incredible bargain!

Special Characteristics of the Bundle

The pack of 100 backgrounds includes wallpapers, textures and seamless pattern of themes and styles. It will be helpful for graphic and web artists, as well as web designers.

These high-quality images are ready to use in graphic projects of all kinds: you can design presentations, websites, posters, printed production and so on.

The bundle includes diverse multi-purpose wallpapers for any projects. You can find there many bright, unusual, trendy backgrounds as well as more nude and pastel images that will suit any art and design needs.

What You Get in the Bundle

In our Bundle you’ll get a vector pattern, a few futuristic sets of wallpapers: bright and elegant polygonal & geometric backgrounds, images illustrating connected dots, particles and wallpapers imitating atoms structures.

You’ll also get some watercolor and liquid textures, as well as crystals & water artistry backgrounds.

What The Archive Includes

Let’s consider into details, what exactly we’re offering for only 8 bucks!

  • 1 set of minimalistic and realistic polygonal backgrounds: a set of black polygon backgrounds.
  • 3 sets of dynamic particles backgrounds. 10 flat molecular particles, connected with lines; 10 wavy dotted particles; 10 smooth wavy lines backgrounds.
  • 1 set of seamless vector patterns. 1 set of concept patterns & 10 colored variations of an abstract linear topographic map in vector format. Can be edited in AI.
  • 1 set of different contour/linear/mesh waves. Abstract transparent gradient layered mesh waves that can be edited in Adobe Photoshop.
  • 1 set of colored marble paint streaks on water.
  • 1 set of 10 multi-colored crystal kaleidoscope-alike deflections
  • 1 set of 10 different liquid textures. Dynamic splashes of colored liquid, iOS 12 style
  • 1 set of 10 different liquid glassy shapes/molecules in futuristic style

What this Bundle Includes

01 FOLDER: Multi-colored Dynamic Fluid Splash Backgrounds
Gradient liquid splashes, 10 JPG high quality images, iOS12 style with 3D rendering.

02 FOLDER: Futuristic Glass Plexus Shapes with Transparency Effect on White Backgrounds
10 futuristic high resolution wallpapers in JPG format. Abstract connected liquid plexus shapes.

03 FOLDER: Smooth Flows of Wavy Dynamic Particles Look Like Long Hair on Dark Backgrounds
Smooth hair flow on dark backgrounds. 10 different JPG pictures. Generative graphics with 3D rendering.

04 FOLDER: Decorative Marble Texture Paint on Water Backgrounds
10 different abstract colored marble textures in JPG format, minimalist watercolor artwork.

05 FOLDER: Outline Polygon with Connected Particles on Blurred Backgrounds
Geometric particles connected with thin lines. 10 backdrops in hight resolution JPG format.

06 FOLDER: Elegant Black Polygon Backgrounds
Elegant black high quality 3d polygons in JPG format. 10 different backgrounds in minimalistic style.

07 FOLDER: Abstract Digital Network Flow of Waves Backgrounds
10 abstract grid waves in JPG format. 1 PSD file included in the archive that can be edited in Adobe Photoshop.

08 FOLDER: Contour Topographic Map Vector Seamless Patterns
1 concept and 10 colored variations of contour topographic maps. Vector seamless patterns that can be edited in Adobe Illustrator.

09 FOLDER: Crystal Refraction Looks Like Kaleidoscope Effect Backgrounds
Low polygon crystal textures wallpapers. 10 JPG high quality pictures.

10 FOLDER: Dynamic Wavy Particles Backgrounds
10 different dotted waved in a dark blue background. High resolution JPG images of wavy particles.

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