100+ Fractal Lights Brushes for Visual Effects

100+ Fractal Lights Brushes for Visual Effects

This highly artistic brushes can help to any artist and designer who wants to add nice visual accent to the graphics, photos, designs.

Fractals are generated from 10 different math formulas. With this package you will have a variety of brushes to create various fractal graphics with beautiful light effects. They can be also used to create landscapes and surrounding areas around the object or body. You can use them to create different artistic artworks.

See the examples

You can use this package in your own design, in web and print design, backgrounds, textures, posters, flyers, cards, booklets, brochures, artworks, any kind of presentations & promotions, screensaver, wallpapers. All you can do with this brushes depends on your artistic skills and Photoshop knowledge. Download them and challenge your creativity.

This pack include

  • 100+ fractal lights brushes for photoshop
  • 10+ gradients for easy coloring
  • Instructions how to install and use

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Image Credits
Ed Schipul @ flickr Melissa Dooley @ flickr Melissa Dooley @ flickr

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