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Great work man. Best of luck …


Realy Great icons. these icons will fulfill my all requirements, GLWS :)

Thank you we will soon add more and update this pack


please share this brother

This is possibly the sexiest icons pack I’ve seen!

LOVE your icons– very impressive selection.

thankyou dear

please share this too

thankyou dear please share it too

Nice icons. I like it)

thank you dear please rate my product too

Do you can send me the flag of Venezuela please?

Sure dear

have you got it i sent you the link

Hi, is each icon a separate file? Thanks

yes each icon a separate editable vector and can be easily edited in any vector editing package like Adobe illustrator, Corel, Inkscape etc.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll be purchasing today. It’s just what my client needs.

thanks for purchasing please rate it and let us know if you need custom icons or graphics

hi would you do custom graphics works? logo, branding also?

Yes we do plz email if required

These are AWESOME! So much variety! Well done! Any chance you could create a unicorn icon? It would go great with the rainbow and disco ball for my project!

Rated and reviewed!

thanks dear

please share your email

hi, I’d like to create a font icon with fontello ( but when I try to download the .SVG files gives me the following error: “If image looks not as expected please convert to compound path manually. Skipped tags and attributes: circle, rect, class” Can you help me? Thank

Firstly thanks for purchasing our pack These icons are multi color and multi path icons designed to be used as svg or png formats not as font

As per my knowlidge Fonts supports single path and single color shapes so you need to convert these icons single path to make font from these icons (black icons )

We Are available for freelance if you require these icons or other icons


Excellent set bro :-) really love it

Thank you dear

Hi :) I wan`t to buy this pack but i have some question. Can i edit the background of the icons ? Or just use some of them without background ?

Yes it’s fully editable

Can i use this 1 time or no limit?

No limit to use but you can’t resell these icons