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Thank you again ;-)

Hi, nice item. Just about to purchase and thought you may want to know that another site seems to be allowing free downloads of this:

Hi azuzit. Thank you for purchasing my item. The link goes to a piracy site. I will contact the author. Thank you for the advice :-)

Thanks a lot gekko :-)

Cool stamps! :)

Thank you Reflux :-)

Hello, how to edit premium quality stamp text ? I can edit the text, but it has premium quality stamp at the background which I can’t edit the text. Is it image ? Need your help. Thanks

Hi and thank you for purchasing my stamps. First I would drag and drop the folder named “Premium badge” into a new file (400×300 px). Then open the folder. There are 2 sub folders called “Text” and “Graphic”. Open the graphic folder. Here you find all graphical elements of the stamp. Now you can move, resize or edit them. If you need another color, use color overlay. All elements are smart objects. If you double click them, you can also edit them in Illustrator. If you need more help, just write me via my profile. You are welcome.


The resolution is very bad! unusable!!!!!!

Hi and thank you for purchasing my stamps. Just open the helpfile.pdf and read the instructions. You can easily scale the stamps in photoshop, because they are smart objects. You only have to remove the mask from the folder. If you need more help, just let me know. You are always welcome.