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Excellent actions!

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Looks Amazing!! So if I have photoshop CC, can I just insert image and one of those effects is applied….?

Thanks a lot sterlingwilliam :D I glad you like it :D Yes just insert Image and Enjoy!! ^^

Really?? SO insane all the variations, so Just put our own image in place of the ones you have or how does work, No extra plugins (I have PS CC 2014)?!

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Nice effects indeed. But can I use this with Photoshop Elements 10 ?

Thank you very much PhilippeParis , Yes, you can you those Actions with Photoshop Elements 10 ^^

Hi ,I have purchased this via envato market bundle.I tried to apply those effects to some of my photos however the effects are not anywhere near to the effects that you have displayed here in samples.Can you please let me know what I am doing wrong? Here’s how I applied those effects:

I opened an image in photoshop cs5 and then simply selected the effect and keep clicking OK for each prompt window.Should I have to alter the settings instead?

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