18 Gif Animated Snow Photoshop

18 Gif Animated Snow Photoshop

18 Gif Animated Snow Photoshop

This is the most easy way to create the best winter scene or storm. Just use one of the 18 (!) easy-to-use psd’s and import any image into the Smart Object! Just one click and your winter scene is ready for GIF export. Transform any photo into a winter image with snow and color effects and choose the gradation of snow fall.

Included are 18 psd files with different snowfall effect animations:

Just one click and your animation is ready for export! All 18 psd’s are 1920×1080 pixels and have 50 frames Snow Animations and a Special Color Filter for an extra Cold Photo Effect! You get in total 800+ mb. in psd’s!

Included are: 6 Light Snowfall Animtions, 6 Medium Snowfall Animations and 6 Heavy Snowfall Animations.

Some examples of the different Snowfall Animations:

Animation Effect no.9:

Animation Effect no.11

Animation Effect no.12

Animation Effect no.15

Animation Effect no.16

Animation Effect no.18

Super easy-to-use! Pick 1 of the 18 Animated Snowfall psd’s, take any photo and place it in the Smart Object. And you are ready!
All psd’s have 50 frames animations!
Other examples:

Use any image (1920×1080) in the Smart Object. Save and Ready!


  • 18 PSD files with different Snowfall Animations
  • All PSD files are super easy-to-use
  • All PSD files have a Special Color Filter (switch on/off and/or edit the color effect)
  • All PSD files have a 50 Frame Animation
  • 6 Light Snowfall Animations
  • 6 Medium Snowfall Animations
  • 6 Heavy Snowfall Animations
  • All PSD files can handle images up to 1920×1080 pixels!

Total size of the 18 PSD files is over 800 mb.!

I have tested this in Photoshop CS5 and it worked fine (see results) but please make sure you have set the right settings on export. Use Gif, 8-bits and RGB in your output.
Also important is that you understand that if you export a large animation, it will make full use of your computer memory, so make sure you have enough. A quicker way is to resize your animation if you run into problems with memory. Enjoy!