18 Luxury Styles vol. 5

18 Luxury Styles vol. 5

18 Luxury Styles vol 5:

  • Black + Golden Stroke
  • Gold + Black Stroke
  • Pruple + Golden Stroke
  • Gold + Purle Stroke
  • Honey + Golden Stroke
  • Gold + Honey Stroke
  • Green + Golden Stroke
  • Red + Golden Stroke
  • Gold + Red Stroke
  • Red2 + Golden Stroke
  • Gold + Red2 Stroke
  • Violet + Golden Stroke
  • Gold + Violet Stroke
  • Ocean + Golden Stroke
  • Gold + Ocean Stroke
  • Rainbow + Golden Stroke
  • Gold + Rainbow Stroke

To add the style .asl file, double click on 18luxuryStyles.asl file or go to the panel with the styles in Photoshop and load them manually.

You can also simply copy from one layer to another.


All styles with all elements from preview image included in main folder.

Perfect for your party flyer or any other project.

Really clean design

All layer labelled, well organized

Free font used (all download links in help file)

Unlimited colour option.

One layer styles


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