20 Elegant Artworks & Layer Styles

20 Elegant Artworks & Layer Styles

Collection of Twenty Great Artworks, that are easy to Modify. Vintage, Steampunk, Glitch Styles of text effects and layers on the background. Every type is provided and editable.

You can create apparel, covers, artpieces using this files. They are layered CS6 Psd Files. All Effects can be used with different fonts after small adjustment.

Change type, Color, Atitude of artwork to enhace it with your style. They are not dogmatic but very representetive in each style. Even if its Shoegaze Cover or 80s Style Typography.

Download this huge amount of work by paying low ammount of money.

You can descibe use it in: Rock, Shoegaze Music Covers. Or idndie and Pop styles to. Golden Font Cover as Lana Del Rey or Rolling Stones can be used for covers of cover versions of their songs.

Have fun and leave comment. If you like it, you can rate it.

If you have any suggestions etc. write me on

Fonts used:

1. • LHF Esoteric New WesternLHF Essendine Small Caps

2. • LHF Euphoria

3. • LHF Lakeside Country 2 Morpheus

4. • LHF Billhead 1910

5. • LHF Old Block Cond LHF KellieAnnn

6. • Invitation Script

7. • Invitation Script

8. • LHF Boston Truck Style

9. • LHF Argentine Solid

10. • LHF Cincinnati Poster Ovestroke

11. • Xero’s Proof

12. • Tower

13. • Code Bold

14. • LHF Divine LHF Denise

15. • LHF Conclave Round Reg

16. • LHFConclave

17. • Goldsmith Scrip LhfBern Sans CT Langdon


19. • Linkin Park

20. • Berate The Elementary