28 Pro Wedding Presets

28 Pro Wedding Presets

About 28 Pro Wedding Presets:

This professional presets are designed to be used with wedding and lovestory photos. They have been tested on different photos and work very well. The adjustments are very smart, so it works well from Lightroom 3.x to CC, the effect will be the same. You can also use these presets with any photo they also could be described as multipurpose.

Very important features:

  • Professional and unique result achievable in one click
  • 100% non-destructive, we have been tested them on different photos, and the results is awesome
  • For photographers and designers, both pro and amateur
  • Easy to use, just one click + FAQ file + powerful support if needed
  • This presets don’t change the WB (White Balance) of your image, they work with color, exposure, contrast, whites, blacks etc. This means that if your WB is okay, they do almost the same effect as on the preview image, and this is awesome.
  • When we are making presets, we’re trying to use raw photo, which means that when you will use our preset, the result will be very close to the example. A lot of authors on the market uses already processed photos as an example (or “before image”), and this is wrong, because you can’t receive the same result by using their presets.
  • No camera calibration profiles needed

Included 28 HQ presets + Basic Toolkit with 33 options:

1. wedding_pro_1
2. wedding_pro_2
3. wedding_pro_3
4. wedding_pro_4
5. wedding_pro_5
6. wedding_pro_6
7. wedding_pro_7
8. wedding_pro_8
9. wedding_pro_9
10. wedding_pro_10
11. wedding_pro_11
12. wedding_pro_12
13. wedding_pro_13
14. wedding_pro_14
15. wedding_pro_15
16. wedding_pro_16
17. wedding_pro_17
18. wedding_pro_18
19. wedding_pro_19
20. wedding_pro_20
21. wedding_pro_21
22. wedding_pro_22
23. wedding_pro_23
24. wedding_pro_24
25. wedding_pro_25
26. wedding_pro_26
27. wedding_pro_27
28. wedding_pro_28

If you want further FREE updates, please let me know by setting the rating of item, thanks!


- Added 8 new presets, was 20 presets, now 28
- Redesigned preview image, thumbnail and description
- Added new FAQ file
- Updated help file

- Added 8 new presets, was 12 presets, now 20
- Added Basic Toolkit
- Redesigned preview image, thumbnail and description
- Redesigned first 5 presets, to be as modern as the new ones
- Added new FAQ file
- Updated help file

- Added 7 new presets, was 5 presets, now 12
- Redesigned preview image, thumbnail
- Added FAQ file
- Updated help file

The file type: .lrtemplate
Designed to be used with: RAW, JPG, TIFF
Lightroom: 3.x or above
Helpful FAQ file added

Basic Toolkit – allows you to work with blacks, clarity, color, contrast, fade, sharpening and vignetting deeper. Each option has it’s own preset, which affects only on what you need, and do not touch another settings. Proccesing becomes more accurate and the result is much more professional. Each tool has it’s own intensity, which is marked by dots, from “•” to “•••••”, where “•” is the lowest. This is an absolutely new feature, and we will add this awesome toolkit to every pack of presets we have already uploaded to the Graphicriver. Try it for free.

Photos on the preview are used for demonstration purposes only. All used photos have Creative Commons license, and were taken from, Flickr and my own professional portfolio.